Amazon, as part of their customer experience improvements, are adjusting one of their performance measures, the Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) for Amazon Market Place Merchants who ship directly to customers to 95% from 19th April 2021.  
APC are not currently listed on the Verified and Integrated Supplier List, however are in active dialogue with Amazon to gain placement on the ‘Verified and Integrated Supplier List’.
To assist with the activity to get APC on this list quickly, in parallel to our direct contact with Amazon, our contact has requested that the Amazon Merchants who require APC to be on the list, should

  • Raise the request directly with AMAZON Customer Service to add The APC to the list of carriers that are integrated for domestic orders.  
  • State within that request that The APC is their delivery solution for all their parcels, not just those that are sold via the Amazon Marketplace.  
  • Request that The APC are made available in time to achieve with the revised VTR requirement.  

You support in putting this request with Amazon will greatly assist our efforts centrally.