Changes to Eire Service (Southern Ireland)

From 1st January 2020, all shipments to and from Eire will be subject to customs and excise protocols. Given those additional customs and excise requirements, APC have reviewed whether we they continue to offer a service to Eire within their Domestic service framework. APC have concluded that this is not practical and therefore they will now treat services to Eire as an international destination, and therefore a non – APC service from 1st January 2021. 

Courier Logistics are working to set up an alternative option for our Customers to ship consignments to and from Eire. All existing pricing and booking procedures with APC will be removed and not available. We are in the final stages of setting up the alternative option for Eire shipments, should you wish to enquire about the pricing specifically for this service please email where we will respond accordingly once we have the full information available.  

Deliveries To Northern Ireland Preparation Whilst we still await to hear whether we have a deal on our relationship with Europe, it is still very likely that customers shipping to Northern Ireland will be required to include further information on their consignments.
It’s therefore worth prompting action and getting Brexit ready.
The Government has a handy website it is worth pointing customers towards: –
Considerations: –   May need to apply to be set up as “authorised” under the UK Trader scheme. May need an EORI number that starts with XI (They can apply via the HMRC site – see attached pdf). If the consignment is B2B, the recipient EORI number may be required. May need to get assistance from a provider of customs support if not using Trader Support Service. Customers will need to find the right Commodity Codes for the goods being sent. Further information can be found at Full descriptions of goods (to item level) being sent may be required. Value of goods (detailed at item level) is likely to be needed. Country of origin (This is not the same as country being sent from).  
New Horizon will be ready to capture the additional information that may be required.
As soon as we are fully aware of the actual requirements, we will communicate again.