With the ever-changing situation surrounding Covid-19, I am writing to outline some important service & profile changes in our APC network.

We have all seen how the increased lock down measures have changed our lives over the past several months and these measures are likely to be in place for some time.  Across the whole logistics industry there has been a huge increase in the B2C sector, which in turn has caused delays. The predominant cause being a significant increase in the heavy and large products (NC and XS) consignments travelling within the networks. These larger items are causing congestion which in turn is impacting on service.     

We have also seen across the whole logistics sector measures put in place to protect service continuity, and we must do the same.   

 The below measures are as follows: 

         –  Reduction in the items per consignment for NC to 2.    

         –  Reduction in the items per consignment for XS to 2.    

         –  Unboxed items will be classed as XS and not NC, unless specified on the APC Overnight Product Parameter sheet.       

The above will be effective from Monday 19th October.   

APC have also quickly identified a possible opportunity to allow larger boxes to travel on our main belt sorters at the hub. With some careful adjustments and testing which has taken place last weekend, APC are pleased to confirm that our main belt sorters can now permit parcels up to 60cm x 60cm x 60cm to travel as ND.   

We have attached an updated product guide to show this additional ND box size and other adjustments relating to the profile changes. Please note that our existing ND dimensions still apply, however if the longest dimension reduces to 60cm or under, it allows the 2nd and 3rd dimensions to increase to max 60cm each. 

The ND parameter update is available with immediate effect and can be selected when booking on Hypaship via the normal ND service.

We hope that the ND update will provide a positive opportunity for you and your customers.

We will as a company work closely with you to assess all options available to limit the impact these changes may have for you. One option could be to review your packaging and if you could perhaps box items which you may not do so already.

Once again please be assured these measures have not been taken lightly, with service at the forefront of our minds and maintain our operation as we move closer to peak. These changes are swift; however, we must be at our most agile now. As parcel volumes increase, we must act now in response to further lock down measures.  Below are updated APC Product & Parameter links.



We would like to thank you for your continued support in these challenging times.               

Kind Regards 
Courier Logistics