Further to a review on network capabilities for the transportation of LQ, please be advised that with immediate effect, APC will only accept packages containing Dry Ice whereby:

Packages containing Dry Ice conform to all statutory packaging regulations pertaining to Dry Ice, UN1845.

Dry Ice is only to be sent within a package if it is used as a refrigerant to cool the contents of non-hazardous material only. Packages / boxes containing purely dry ice are not acceptable in the APC network.

The maximum weight of a package containing Dry Ice permitted in the network is 20 kilos.

The Dry Ice must be packed in boxes or containers that permit the release of carbon dioxide gas (i.e. not airtight).

All packages containing Dry Ice must be clearly and compliantly marked for transit. Packages marking must include-
• ‘This Package contains Dry Ice’
• UN number 1845 marking displayed
• ‘The contents are non-hazardous’
• A handling awareness label advising to handle with care, always use protective gloves
• The package containing the Dry Ice refrigerant must not exceed 20 kilos.

Packages containing Dry Ice are only be collected/delivered within mainland UK, never to any offshore and International destinations.

Consignments found to contain Dry Ice but are not complaint to the above will be held at the hub and the sender contacted accordingly.