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APC Service Polite Notice Reminder

Recently the APC hub has been receiving a lot of items that have not been manifested or packaged correctly, we are seeing items that should have been sent as Non Conveyable (NC) being sent on the Standard Next Day service (ND). Please pay careful attention to services selected and ensure goods are packaged correctly. If freight is sent incorrectly it could be subject to delays and fines.

For a parcel to travel on the Standard Next Day service (ND) it must be boxed within the maximum parameters of 120cm x 55cm x 50cm as seen in the picture above. If your parcel is not boxed or is over the dimensions outlined, it must travel on the Non Conveyable (NC) service or the Excess (XS) service within our APC parameter limits. This process is implemented with the aim of reducing incorrectly manifested parcels which is causing delays at the APC Central Hub.

Click On The Below Butons To Download Reference Sheets

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APC PinPoint


Use the NEW APC PinPoint tracking facility to view the progress of your parcel journey

Simply visit our tracking page and enter your consignment number and delivery postcode, click to view the map and our regularly updated map will PinPoint the delivery driver’s current stop and how close the driver is to the delivery destination.

Tracking just got better with APC.

APC Pinpoint


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APC Direct

Download the APC Direct app – available on iOS and Android! 

APC Direct

Introducing the APC Direct app, book a collection using APC Direct and track all of your deliveries on the move.

Download the APC Direct app – now available from App Store and Google Play!


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APC Expect

Using the APC EXPECT pre-delivery notification service, we can now give your customers more detailed information about when their delivery will be made.

As an APC customer we can now offer you the ability to set up your customers to receive an automatic text or email on the morning of the delivery date. The message will tell them the time window in which the driver will make the delivery that day.

Using this service will reduces ETA calls into your business. Why not let our technology do the work to keep your customers informed.

If you would like to take advantage of this great new functionality then please get in touch. We will talk you through the different options available so you can choose what will work best for your customers.

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Help and Advice

What We Can and Cannot Carry

APC Overnight carries a vast range of goods for our customers ranging from printed products, to electronic goods and parts for specialist engineers, and of course regular documents and small parcels.

Helpful Hints

Although at APC we take the utmost care of your parcels and packages, they do have to travel through a number of different processes – our
careful handling is no substitute for adequate packaging.

Need to calculate volume from dimensions? Or convert imperial to metric?

If you need to calculate the volumetric weight of your consignment, click here for our online calculator. Also converts lbs to kg and ft to cms.

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Changes to APC Freight

In order to improve our service and sortation process and to minimise the issues caused by oversize freight, it has been decided that with immediate effect the following changes will apply to APC Overnight Conditions of Carriage:

The goods listed below will no longer be accepted through the network:

Filing Cabinets | Pallet Deliveries | Mattresses in plastic covers | Bare Metal | TV’s and monitors over 42” | Unboxed trees | Worktops & Boards | Surfboards | Bikes unless fully boxed | Car & vehicle parts not boxed

White Goods, including, but not limited to, Washing machines, Tumble Dryers, Fridges, freezers and dishwashers.

Additional Charges:
•    The excess service charge (XS) will now apply to all items over 2.05m, with no other single dimension of 30cm. This replaces all previous limits stated in our price proposals.

Weight and Volume:
•    We will no longer accept any single consignment over 250kg by weight or volume through the APC network.
Please click here to see our non conveyorable freight profile

Courier Logistics offer a pallet service for any of your freight affected by the above changes. If you would like a quote or any further information please contact our sales team

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