Further to communication sent out in January 2021, when we advised that services to the Channel Islands were being reviewed following the Brexit announcements and HMRC additional requirements, we can confirm that we have implemented changes to the New Horizon booking platform.
Please ensure that you are familiar with the additional information requirements for delivery exports to The Channel Islands: –

  • Value of goods – must be provided.
  • Description of goods – must be provided.
  • Commodity Codes – must be provided.
  • EORI Number – must be provided.
  • Country of Origin – if not UK must be provided.
  • The Senders information – stating the sending depot as the “Sender” is not sufficient, the actual Senders information must be provided.
  • Invoices should be affixed to all consignments in case of customs checks and to avoid delays.
  • If a consignment contains 100% documents, then “Documents” must be entered for both the “Description of goods” requirement and the Commodity Code requirement.
  • The additional information above must be provided for each item within a multi-part consignment.

Please ensure that the correct information is supplied to avoid unnecessary work and delays to your shipments. Full information must be completed on New Horizon for every consignment travelling to this area.

Failure to provide ALL of the required information will result in consignments being returned to the shipper and a £5 charge applied.

We are continuing to review the service to The Channel Islands and will update again in due course.