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Pallet Track – ROI Shipping Update

Pallet Track have continued to be vigilant in monitoring of the Government requirements post BREXIT and we can confirm the delivery depot Roche freight now require further documents completing prior to the movement of goods.

The two forms requiring completion by the Consignee MUST be uploaded to the consignment as customer paperwork before the 14:00hrs cut off. These need to be actioned on every consignment.

You are still required to complete a one time Representation form yourselves to permit Roche Logistics to act on your behalf for Southern Ireland shipments. This should be returned to

All forms can also be found on our website; under the Brexit Information Menu. 

AEP5 form – customs and excise clearance agent form
Each consignee in Ireland is required to complete and sign this document. This should then be forwarded on to the Irish revenue (via eir ROS or emailing and a copy attached to the consignment on the system as customer paperwork. 

Direct Representation – RGL F024
Each consignee in Ireland is required to complete and sign this document for Courier Logistics to upload to the consignment at point of manifest.

We have also put together a customer checklists to assist for both Northern & Southern Ireland Pallet shipments. More comprehensive information & guides can be found on our website;

Any information supplied is subject to change and we will continue to be proactive in our monitoring of Government information. Should anything significant come to light, we will distribute a further communication as soon as possible.

Please read the provided information and procedure documents available in the Brexit Information menu on our website for full details.

Thank you all for your continued co-operation during this period. 

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Pallet Track – ROI Process Update

It is great to see consignments being input correctly on to the system for the Republic of Ireland, however there are still a small number of shipments which are not entirely accurate. These inaccuracies will and are causing delays to shipments travelling to ROI; it is imperative that all guidelines are followed, and the requested information is supplied at point of manifest.

We have attached below a Commercial Invoice guide and examples to assist you with providing the correct information.

We have also had a number of customers requesting confirmation on the costs involved with ROI shipments. Each consignment sent to ROI is required to clear two customs (UK and Ireland) hence the sperate costings – £25 is for the export document to be completed. £40 is for the import document to be completed, please refer to your incoterms to ascertain who is responsible to complete this document prior to goods moving.

Further to this, we feel transparency is also required for the Country of Origin. Even though, Boris Johnson did agree a trade agreement, this is only applicable for goods originating from GB and the EU (i.e. where goods underwent the last significant change in manufacturing). Goods which originate outside of GB or the EU are subject to Duty; calculated once the customs declaration is completed. Subsequently, freight can only begin to move once input depots agree with Roche freight that these additional charges will be paid by them as required.

A number of questions have also been raised regarding delivering to addresses where the recipient does not have a EORI number i.e. private addresses. When these situations arise, Roche freight ask that a PPS number is declared (National Insurance number for Irish citizens). With this reference the recipient will be able to log on to their own government portal and pay any required charges. Roche freight do have a deferment account, costs are outlined on the attached ROI Customs Clearance Costs document and charges will have to be agreed prior to any goods moving, as with Country of Origin.

Any information supplied is subject to change and we will continue to be proactive in our monitoring of Government information. Should anything significant come to light, we will distribute a further communication as soon as possible.

Please read the provided information and procedure documents available in the Brexit Information menu on our website for full details.

Thank you all for your continued co-operation during this period. 

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APC – Live Fish and Live Coral – New Service February 2021

Courier Logistics have received information from the APC Network regarding a dedicated NEW SERVICE for the transport of fish and coral from the 1st of Feb that we need to update your company about.

In the interests of the welfare of live fish / live coral and considering Peak 2020 volumes, APC suspended input for the duration of Peak 2020. The input of live fish and live coral resumed from Tuesday 5th January 2021.

We can confirm that the input of live fish/live coral can, if the depot is signed up to the DEFRA code of practice and the APC shipping requirements, resume immediately.

Review of service
APC have taken opportunity to review the carriage of live fish and live coral via our Network and considered how we can better service this niche sector.
APC have spoken with depots and shippers of live fish and live coral, we are pleased to confirm that following our review, we will be launching a new Live Fish / Live Coral Service, which will commence on Monday 1st February 2021.

The Live Fish / Live Coral service features: –

  • A unique Live Fish and Live Coral service code ‘LF12’ which will allow for easier package identification and performance analysis.
  • All ‘LF’ items will have a Pre 12:00hrs delivery requirement, and be treated as a Premium item from a routing and delivery perspective.
  • All ‘LF’ items will need the ‘Security’ check box selected on New Horizon at the point of booking – all LF items will be segregated / handled in the same way as other ‘security’ items
  • Despatches will be Tuesday to Thursday only.

Service Restrictions: –

  • No offshore or restricted postcode areas will be included in the LF delivery options.
  • The delivery depot must be able to offer a pre1200 service to be included in the LF delivery options.
  • All live fish and live coral must be sent on the new LF (+ Security) service once introduced.

The NEW LF dedicated service will have it’s own consignment price. For more information please contact

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Pallet Track – Northern Ireland, ROI & European Post Brexit Procedures

Courier Logistics now has a dedicated menu on our website where post Brexit information can be found.

Please note that for Southern Ireland & European shipments, Representation Forms MUST be completed and returned to These only require to be completed once. No shipments to Southern Ireland & Europe will be permitted to travel until we have received the completed forms. The forms can be found in the Brexit Information section on our website.

For Southern Ireland please complete the Roche Logistics Group Representation Form and the Hellmann Logistics form for European Shipments.

Northern Ireland shipments don’t require the Representation Forms to be completed, however there are additional steps required using the Trader Support Service (TSS) System in order to obtain some important reference numbers that MUST be included on Vigo when booking any shipments.

Please read the provided information and procedure documents available in the Brexit Information menu on our website for full details.

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APC – COVID-19 Update & Suspension Of Pre 10:00 Service

We trust that this finds you well and that your business is adjusting to the impact of the current national lockdown.

At Courier Logistics we, along with the 100 other APC network depots and the central APC hub, have been reviewing our safety measures and preparing for further impact of COVID-19 on our operation.

Although we have measures in place, what is uncertain is the degree to which sudden and unpredictable absences caused by COVID-19 will have on our service ability. Whilst we have back up resource planned, especially for drivers, it is possible that sudden service delays may occur, and it is important that we set this expectation with you. When we do experience an impact on service, we will of course work to recover these delays quickly with minimal impact to your delivery, but this may not always be as speedy as we would like.

Suspension of the pre1000 service
In light of the likely increased pressure on driver resource and depot operations, APC have made the decision to suspend the pre10:00 service option for the duration of this current lockdown, effective for new bookings made from 8th January 2020. 

We will update you in the event where we have acute service issues and assure you that we remain committed to providing you with the best possible service in these circumstances and thank you for your support and patience during this Lockdown.

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Release Notes – New Horizon Brexit Changes (Updated)

Last night there was an upgrade to New Horizon to make the platform ready for Brexit. The changes deployed are as a result of the Brexit Deal and the Northern Ireland Protocol.
The deployment was successful and additional functionality and information requirements are now live in New Horizon.
The release notes on the button below provides all details of the new functionality when sending shipments to Northern Ireland.
The APC API and data plug are still work in progress. So for the time being when sending consignments to Northern Ireland they must be done through the web portal.
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APC – Reinstatement of Pre 10:00 Deliveries & Tier 4 Services

As we move past what has been the busiest peak on record before Christmas we can confirm the following updates regarding APC services:

– From Tuesday 30th of December the pre 10:00 timed delivery service will be reinstated.

– All previous Tier 4 input restrictions have been lifted, with no restrictions now in place.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thankyou for all your support during these extremely difficult times for the whole Country.

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APC – Deliveries To Eire & Northern Ireland Service Changes

Changes to Eire Service (Southern Ireland)

From 1st January 2020, all shipments to and from Eire will be subject to customs and excise protocols. Given those additional customs and excise requirements, APC have reviewed whether we they continue to offer a service to Eire within their Domestic service framework. APC have concluded that this is not practical and therefore they will now treat services to Eire as an international destination, and therefore a non – APC service from 1st January 2021. 

Courier Logistics are working to set up an alternative option for our Customers to ship consignments to and from Eire. All existing pricing and booking procedures with APC will be removed and not available. We are in the final stages of setting up the alternative option for Eire shipments, should you wish to enquire about the pricing specifically for this service please email where we will respond accordingly once we have the full information available.  

Deliveries To Northern Ireland Preparation Whilst we still await to hear whether we have a deal on our relationship with Europe, it is still very likely that customers shipping to Northern Ireland will be required to include further information on their consignments.
It’s therefore worth prompting action and getting Brexit ready.
The Government has a handy website it is worth pointing customers towards: –
Considerations: –   May need to apply to be set up as “authorised” under the UK Trader scheme. May need an EORI number that starts with XI (They can apply via the HMRC site – see attached pdf). If the consignment is B2B, the recipient EORI number may be required. May need to get assistance from a provider of customs support if not using Trader Support Service. Customers will need to find the right Commodity Codes for the goods being sent. Further information can be found at Full descriptions of goods (to item level) being sent may be required. Value of goods (detailed at item level) is likely to be needed. Country of origin (This is not the same as country being sent from).  
New Horizon will be ready to capture the additional information that may be required.
As soon as we are fully aware of the actual requirements, we will communicate again.

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Collect From Depot

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APC – Suspension of Input – Tier 4 Impacted Areas

Following the news over the weekend that London, the South East and Wales have moved into Tier 4, we have seen a significant increase in bookings for the Tier 4 affected postcodes. 

APC have made the difficult decision to suspend all new bookings into Tier 4 areas with immediate effect. Tonight, will be the last input night before Christmas for delivery into Tier 4 Postcodes.

This is to give the depots covering these areas more opportunity to deliver outstanding volume before Christmas as they have already seen significant volumes impacting service levels before the Tier 4 announcement was made. 

A system change on New Horizon is being implemented to stop any new orders from being placed into Tier 4 postcodes. This will remain in place until Tuesday 29th December. Bookings already in the New Horizon will of course be honoured. APC have placed a note on the APC Overnight website and will be placing a message on the New Horizon login screen.

For more information about the effected areas please visit the Government website: Tier 4: Stay at Home – GOV.UK (

This isn’t a decision APC have taken lightly, but one that is now unavoidable.

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