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A local under 11’s grassroots team made up of just 10 boys which Courier Logistics are proud to sponsor.

Shout out to this fantastic group of young people.

A local under 11’s grassroots team made up of just 10 boys which Courier Logistics are proud to sponsor.

After hearing about Marcus Rashford campaigning for families to be provided with meals or food vouchers over the school holidays, the team decided they wanted to help those struggling in the local community. When they heard about The Link making emergency food parcels for Christmas they decided this would be a great cause to get behind.

Well done to all of you, your families must be mega proud of you as will everyone in the community.

You’re truly amazing 🤩

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An idea to help the homeless that turned into inspiration!!

What started out as an idea by one of our Shift Managers Richard, quickly turned into inspiration. Richard, his wife and wife’s colleague decided on making Christmas boxes for the homeless via the charity “Homeless not Hopeless”. They decided they could make up 40 boxes in total. With help from family, friends, work and social media they managed to box and wrap 116 Christmas boxes collectively. Along with several bags of winter coats, underwear and socks. Courier Logistics provided 12 Christmas boxes along with the vehicle to deliver these amazing gifts.

The Elves were Richard’s wife and her work colleague who both agreed to dress up if they broke the 100 box mark.

Simply amazing.

@hnhorg @salvationarmyuk @rachelpyrah @mish_ellwood @Richard_ellwood @courierlog

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APC Temporary Suspension of Pre 10:00 Services Peak 2020 December

APC have made the decision to temporarily suspend the pre 10:00 service for the remainder of Peak 2020, the service option will resume for input from Monday 4th January 2021.

As we have experienced higher than expected volumes this week and have seen increased pressure on delivery routes, we are aware of the need to manage consumer expectations sensibly as we progress through the next few weeks.
Any currently booked consignments created today on the pre 10:00 will remain on this service and are due to be delivered next week.
There are no changes planned for the pre 12:00 service.

We would like to thank you for your continued support in these challenging times.

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APC – Leave Safe Delivery Option

As we approach peak and deliveries to consumer addresses continue to increase, we think it prudent to make sure everyone is aware of the “Leave Safe” delivery option when booking. We will only permit a ‘leave safe’ delivery if you have granted permission in the special instructions.   

Drivers are only permitted to leave safe if the sender populates the address label special instructions field –  drivers cannot act on the request of the consumer.  See example below of the label and where this is detailed.

Guidance can be found in the links below for your reference.

We would like to thank you for your continued support in these challenging times.  

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Covid-19 Operational Delays Leading To Christmas

Ongoing the APC & Pallet Track Networks are working extremely hard to do everything within our power to move as much of freight as possible. While we are endeavoring to do our very best to make sure that consignments are delivered next day, it is important that we are realistic in expectations as we approach what is going to be an unprecedented peak period like we’ve never before. With the Health & Safety measures in place and unprecedented volumes in light of a second lockdown, this may cause possible delays at peak times.

We would recommend that receivers are told that there could be up to a 48 hours delay for reasons mentioned. 

Peak days which maybe effected are identified as Mondays input for Tuesday delivery following the weekend.

Quickly approaching our peak period before Christmas, we would request when booking consignments on the system, as much contact information for the consignee is provided as possible. If you wish to give authorisation for us to leave an APC consignment safe on, or with a neighbour, this can be detailed in the special instructions section when booking. 

During these ever changing and unprecedented times, fast approaching the industries peak period, it is now more than ever we must work closely together, planning as much in advance as possible and setting realistic expectations.  We would like to thank you for your continued support in these challenging times.

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The Road Haulage Association have introduced a major update to their Conditions of Carriage

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) have introduced an updated version of their  Conditions of Carriage.

These Conditions are widely recognised as the industry standard, and provide a framework which regulates the contract between hauliers and their customers. They protect carriers by limiting or excluding liability, and imposing time limits for bringing claims. By incorporating these Conditions, members of the RHA manage some of the legal risks associated with carrying goods for their customers.

What are the key changes?

The recent revision includes a number of changes which provide added protection to hauliers. A brief summary of the key changes is as follows:

  • The period of transit is redefined as commencing after the consignment has left the premises from which they were collected and ending upon arrival at the place of delivery, with the customer having risk in the goods outside this period (clause 7).
  • The list of excluded liabilities has been expanded, to include contractual penalties, loss of profits, and other types of consequential loss (clause 12).
  • A new definition of force majeure has been introduced to exclude the carrier’s liability in certain defined situations (clause 10.2(c).
  • Risk for loading and unloading has been placed with the customer /consignor /consignee by default. The carrier is excluded from being found liable for loss or damage done to goods that arise from the loading onto or unloading off the vehicle or from overloading the vehicle. Under these terms the customer would also indemnify the carrier against any loss, damage, death or injury that might arise during loading and/or unloading.
  • The term ‘demurrage’ has been clarified to take account of extra costs which carriers may wish to charge as a consequence of the detention of a vehicle (clause 1; see also clause 16).
  • A new requirement for the customer to pay the carrier’s incurred costs and expenses in the event of cancellation has been introduced (clause 9(5).
  • There is a new clause requiring the customer to provide warranties in respect of the safety of the consignment.
  • The Lien clause has been made clear so that there is no doubt that the carrier has the right to hold the goods and sell them on.

Further information is available on the RHA web site:

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APC – Limited Quantities Dry Ice Requirements effective 21st October 2020

Further to a review on network capabilities for the transportation of LQ, please be advised that with immediate effect, APC will only accept packages containing Dry Ice whereby:

Packages containing Dry Ice conform to all statutory packaging regulations pertaining to Dry Ice, UN1845.

Dry Ice is only to be sent within a package if it is used as a refrigerant to cool the contents of non-hazardous material only. Packages / boxes containing purely dry ice are not acceptable in the APC network.

The maximum weight of a package containing Dry Ice permitted in the network is 20 kilos.

The Dry Ice must be packed in boxes or containers that permit the release of carbon dioxide gas (i.e. not airtight).

All packages containing Dry Ice must be clearly and compliantly marked for transit. Packages marking must include-
• ‘This Package contains Dry Ice’
• UN number 1845 marking displayed
• ‘The contents are non-hazardous’
• A handling awareness label advising to handle with care, always use protective gloves
• The package containing the Dry Ice refrigerant must not exceed 20 kilos.

Packages containing Dry Ice are only be collected/delivered within mainland UK, never to any offshore and International destinations.

Consignments found to contain Dry Ice but are not complaint to the above will be held at the hub and the sender contacted accordingly.

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APC – Important Service & Profile Changes

With the ever-changing situation surrounding Covid-19, I am writing to outline some important service & profile changes in our APC network.

We have all seen how the increased lock down measures have changed our lives over the past several months and these measures are likely to be in place for some time.  Across the whole logistics industry there has been a huge increase in the B2C sector, which in turn has caused delays. The predominant cause being a significant increase in the heavy and large products (NC and XS) consignments travelling within the networks. These larger items are causing congestion which in turn is impacting on service.     

We have also seen across the whole logistics sector measures put in place to protect service continuity, and we must do the same.   

 The below measures are as follows: 

         –  Reduction in the items per consignment for NC to 2.    

         –  Reduction in the items per consignment for XS to 2.    

         –  Unboxed items will be classed as XS and not NC, unless specified on the APC Overnight Product Parameter sheet.       

The above will be effective from Monday 19th October.   

APC have also quickly identified a possible opportunity to allow larger boxes to travel on our main belt sorters at the hub. With some careful adjustments and testing which has taken place last weekend, APC are pleased to confirm that our main belt sorters can now permit parcels up to 60cm x 60cm x 60cm to travel as ND.   

We have attached an updated product guide to show this additional ND box size and other adjustments relating to the profile changes. Please note that our existing ND dimensions still apply, however if the longest dimension reduces to 60cm or under, it allows the 2nd and 3rd dimensions to increase to max 60cm each. 

The ND parameter update is available with immediate effect and can be selected when booking on Hypaship via the normal ND service.

We hope that the ND update will provide a positive opportunity for you and your customers.

We will as a company work closely with you to assess all options available to limit the impact these changes may have for you. One option could be to review your packaging and if you could perhaps box items which you may not do so already.

Once again please be assured these measures have not been taken lightly, with service at the forefront of our minds and maintain our operation as we move closer to peak. These changes are swift; however, we must be at our most agile now. As parcel volumes increase, we must act now in response to further lock down measures.  Below are updated APC Product & Parameter links.

We would like to thank you for your continued support in these challenging times.               

Kind Regards 
Courier Logistics 

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APC Transportation of Live Fish & Coral Suspension During Peak

From November, the input days for live fish/live coral will reduce from 3 to 2 each week.  Live fish/live coral cannot be input on a Tuesday and can only be input on a Wednesday and Thursday. 

The last input date for live fish/coral will be on Thursday 26 November 2020. No fish are to be input again until January 2021.   

We have made this restriction in the interests of the welfare of the live fish and live coral, and obligations under the DEFRA Code of Practice.

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Good luck to everybody getting their GCSE results today.

Whatever you get we’re so proud of you and you should be proud of yourselves too. However much your grades are worth you are worth so much more.

#gcse #gcseresults2020 #gcses2020 #ResultsDay #gcseresultsday

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