Courier Logistics & APC

Courier logistics Ltd are a shareholder in the APC network, this allows us to use the network as a vehicle to offer an overnight delivery solution. We are committed to being the best and delivering excellent service time and time again, that is why we chose APC  all those years ago and why APC remains to be a good fit for us. As well as the continued network investment we also aim to keep things moving along at depot level. whether that be by continually upgrading our fleet or investing in the lasted technology, not only in the office but out in the field too. If you are looking for an overnight delivery service then look no further.

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About APC

People rely on APC Overnight’s service because we have built our reputation on quality. Our network continues to grow year-on-year thanks to exceptional service levels underpinned by state-of-the-art technology. We now collect, route and deliver more than 1 million parcels every month.

The APC Overnight network was founded by a group of experienced delivery companies committed to providing excellent service in the then-fledgling UK overnight market. The network’s subsequent expansion has been carefully managed to ensure that the founding principles remain at the company’s core. Of our 120+ depots, nearly one-third are shareholding members, and the majority have been part of the network from the start. Our depots are totally integral to our quality commitment, so service levels are continually monitored by our team of company auditors. Such is the network’s reputation within the industry that there is a waiting list of depots keen to join us.

Excellent service demands the right people along with the right systems – so cutting edge technology is the other vital ingredient in our success. From the scanning systems carried by drivers to online ordering and tracking designed to keep customers up-to-date and to integrate with company ordering systems, APC Overnight is committed to continual IT investment and upgrade.

Meanwhile, out on the roads, we regularly upgrade our fleet of local delivery vehicles and trunkers to and from our Midlands hub. We have recently invested in new tractor units and aerodynamic trailers which give improved fuel consumption and lower emissions, reducing our carbon footprint, and we are currently investing in innovative new lifting deck trailers which improve both safety and efficiency