It is great to see consignments being input correctly on to the system for the Republic of Ireland, however there are still a small number of shipments which are not entirely accurate. These inaccuracies will and are causing delays to shipments travelling to ROI; it is imperative that all guidelines are followed, and the requested information is supplied at point of manifest.

We have attached below a Commercial Invoice guide and examples to assist you with providing the correct information.

We have also had a number of customers requesting confirmation on the costs involved with ROI shipments. Each consignment sent to ROI is required to clear two customs (UK and Ireland) hence the sperate costings – £25 is for the export document to be completed. £40 is for the import document to be completed, please refer to your incoterms to ascertain who is responsible to complete this document prior to goods moving.

Further to this, we feel transparency is also required for the Country of Origin. Even though, Boris Johnson did agree a trade agreement, this is only applicable for goods originating from GB and the EU (i.e. where goods underwent the last significant change in manufacturing). Goods which originate outside of GB or the EU are subject to Duty; calculated once the customs declaration is completed. Subsequently, freight can only begin to move once input depots agree with Roche freight that these additional charges will be paid by them as required.

A number of questions have also been raised regarding delivering to addresses where the recipient does not have a EORI number i.e. private addresses. When these situations arise, Roche freight ask that a PPS number is declared (National Insurance number for Irish citizens). With this reference the recipient will be able to log on to their own government portal and pay any required charges. Roche freight do have a deferment account, costs are outlined on the attached ROI Customs Clearance Costs document and charges will have to be agreed prior to any goods moving, as with Country of Origin.

Any information supplied is subject to change and we will continue to be proactive in our monitoring of Government information. Should anything significant come to light, we will distribute a further communication as soon as possible.

Please read the provided information and procedure documents available in the Brexit Information menu on our website for full details.

Thank you all for your continued co-operation during this period.