Pallet Track have continued to be vigilant in monitoring of the Government requirements post BREXIT and we can confirm the delivery depot Roche freight now require further documents completing prior to the movement of goods.

The two forms requiring completion by the Consignee MUST be uploaded to the consignment as customer paperwork before the 14:00hrs cut off. These need to be actioned on every consignment.

You are still required to complete a one time Representation form yourselves to permit Roche Logistics to act on your behalf for Southern Ireland shipments. This should be returned to

All forms can also be found on our website; under the Brexit Information Menu. 

AEP5 form – customs and excise clearance agent form
Each consignee in Ireland is required to complete and sign this document. This should then be forwarded on to the Irish revenue (via eir ROS or emailing and a copy attached to the consignment on the system as customer paperwork. 

Direct Representation – RGL F024
Each consignee in Ireland is required to complete and sign this document for Courier Logistics to upload to the consignment at point of manifest.

We have also put together a customer checklists to assist for both Northern & Southern Ireland Pallet shipments. More comprehensive information & guides can be found on our website;

Any information supplied is subject to change and we will continue to be proactive in our monitoring of Government information. Should anything significant come to light, we will distribute a further communication as soon as possible.

Please read the provided information and procedure documents available in the Brexit Information menu on our website for full details.

Thank you all for your continued co-operation during this period.