Hi Ingrid,

I popped in to collect a parcel last week and spoke to you briefly about giving some good feedback, so here it is:

Without any doubt, the service I’ve received from your company and team is the best I’ve ever had from a delivery/courier service. My experience with these services is generally that the delivery company don’t really care about the customer experience. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to chase parcels, sit on the phone for ages waiting to get through to a real person etc. I also get frustrated by delivery companies who can’t tell me where my parcel is or expect me to be at home all day to wait for them to deliver and almost sound annoyed when I say I work full time and so can’t do that. [expand title=”Read More”]

In contrast, the service I received from you guys from start to finish was superb. When I phoned the contact centre, the first lady I spoke to was very friendly, said she’d check if my parcel was out for delivery and then call me back. This is exactly what she did. I have had this happen before with other companies and then no one calls me back and I have to chase. She phoned back and said it wasn’t out for delivery but she could either arrange redelivery or I could collect it. I decided to collect.

When I came to collect it I couldn’t find the building so phoned the centre again. I got straight through and the guy I spoke to (Matt?) was also very friendly and helpful and told me exactly where to find you. When collecting the parcel I really liked the fact I could just type my details into the system and my parcel was then brought out.

Overall the service was first class. You obviously have an excellent team there and I wanted to say thanks, you have restored my faith in delivery companies!

Thanks to you and your whole team.

Kind regards