Anomalous - Irregular freight

At Courier Logistics, we are proud to provide you with 'Anomalous', our new frictionless and efficient delivery service for all your large, bulky and oversized freight.

Backed by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Courier Logistics is reshaping the industry, giving you another option for all your oversized and heavy goods.

Anomalous Service offerings

At Courier Logistics we offer you a reliable overnight delivery service for items of irregular size and weight, up to 4m LxWxH and up to 50kg in weight.

With service centres strategically located in Sheffield and Bradford, we blanket a vast portion of the UK, catering to over 600,000 businesses and 16 million residents

Handled only by members of the Courier Logistics team our overnight service ensures your freight reaches its destination swiftly and securely.


Simple booking platform with instant consignment pricing, automated journey updates, photo POD and API integration available.

Dedicated delivery handled by Courier Logistics drivers every step of the way ensuring your goods are in safe and reliable hands every delivery.

Real-time tracking with a minimum of 5 scan events for full transparency on all your deliveries.

Our 2 local service centres are located in Sheffield and Bradford allowing us to deliver to over a quarter of the UK.

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