Environmental, Social & Governance ethos

Courier Logistics have made a promise to be one of the UKs most sustainable multimodal logistics companies. We are already taking big steps to reduce our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges we face today and not just in our sector. We are committed to make a difference and build a truly sustainable business model one step at a time.

Our On Going Projects

We currently have HVO bunkered on site, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil also known as renewable diesel. A drop in replacement for white and red diesel and results in up to a 95% reduction in emissions.

Solar: Our new premises at Dinnington are equipped with a range of 45 to 90kw solar arrays. Meaning we can charge our EV plant & fleet vehicles and return whatever is not consumed back to the grid.

E-Sign/ Documentation: we are actively pursuing paperless operations.  By moving our onboarding process to E-Sign along with our morning and evening prebrief and debrief processes. With some great initiatives in the pipeline.

Smart Lighting Sensors: Our warehouse features intelligent lighting systems that activate based on movement, ensuring lights are only on when necessary, conserving electricity by eliminating unnecessary usage in unoccupied areas. This contributes to reduced energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.

Paper Waste Reduction: Embracing eco-conscious practices, we've adopted Papercut software to significantly curtail paper waste. Additionally, we've invested in mobile tablet devices, promoting a paperless workflow.

Social Initiatives‚Äč

At Courier Logistics, our commitment to social responsibility is evident through our employee-centric approach. We prioritise the well being of our team members by offering an array of benefits, including free access to a fully-equipped gym to support their physical fitness, complimentary breakfast to kickstart their days with energy, and participation in the Westfield health plan for comprehensive healthcare coverage.

But we go beyond the workplace to make a difference in our community. We organise an arrange of events within our organisation, helping raise funds for meaningful charitable causes. These initiatives reflect our dedication to not only delivering packages but also making a positive impact on the lives of our employees and the communities we serve.

Ethical Governance and Transparency

At Courier Logistics, we prioritise ethical governance and transparency. Our strong governance framework guides decision-making, ensuring accountability and integrity at all levels. We're committed to building trust with our stakeholders and demonstrating responsible business practices.