Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme - What is it?

06.02.24 04:09 PM By harvey

The Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme (FHDDS) was introduced by the Finance (No.2) Act2017, as a way to combat tax evasion and abuse of tax rules, concerning goods imported from overseas businesses selling to UK customers via online marketplaces. 

To gain approval under the FHDDS, a business will take on an evaluation which typically consists of an on-site assessment of the facilities safety and security standards and will also involve due diligence checks reviewing important documents such as licences and insurance policies.

For businesses operating in the fulfilment industry, being approved under the FHDDS is a mark of credibility and trustworthiness. This accreditation shows that a fulfilment house adheres to regulatory standards and operates with integrity. 

Benefits of FHDDS for Businesses

When choosing your partner for fulfilment, its a logical choice to select a FHDDS approved business for the many advantages you will receive:

Reliability: Registered fulfilment houses guarantee a reliable and consistent service with minimal disruptions ensuring timely delivery for online businesses, which is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction.

Transparency: The FHDDS promotes transparency due to the validation of licenses, security measures and operational standards when undergoing evaluation and due diligence checks.

Risk Mitigation: FHDDS ensures that risks such as data security breaches and inventory mismanagement are effectively mitigated by maintaining high standards and protocols within the fulfilment house.

Quality assurance: Registered fulfilment houses ensure the highest standards in their services. This commitment to quality enhances customer satisfaction, promotes loyalty and strengthens band reputations.

Cost efficiency: Registered fulfilment houses maximise efficiency through advanced technology and optimised processes. As a result of this, they can offer a streamlined service with a competitive cost.

Compliance and legal assurance: FHDDS certification ensures adherence to legal requirements and industry regulations in their operations.

Courier Logistics - FHDDS Approved

As an FHDDS-approved fulfilment house, our commitment to excellence and reliability caters to both overseas and UK businesses offering a seamless and stress-free fulfilment solution. With our state-of-the-art facilities and industry accreditation, we guarantee a simple and efficient fulfilment experience, allowing you to focus on growing your business with confidence.