Loading pallets safely: The Do's and Don'ts

26.01.24 12:32 PM By harvey

The importance of loading pallets correctly

Pallet shipping can be one of the most cost effective ways to move your freight in bulk. The correct loading and weighing of pallets ensure safe and efficient transportation of your goods, minimising the risk of damage and accidents.  Following this guide will help prevent overloading or uneven distribution of your pallets, which can result in damages and accidents during transportation.

The Dos and Don'ts of pallet shipping


  • Check the pallets condition: Before loading your goods onto the pallet, make sure to inspect it thoroughly and check for any damages such as cracks, chips or loose nails.
  • Place heavier boxes at the bottom: Stacking your boxes from heaviest to lightest will ensure your lighter items don't get crushed and damaged. It will also ensure the pallet's centre of gravity is closer to the ground preventing it from falling.
  • Follow a correct stacking pattern: You should always follow a stacking pattern when loading your pallets, this will help increase the loads stability and balance decreasing the risk of damages and accidents.

    Examples of Stacking patterns:
  • Wrap your pallets: Once you have correctly loaded the pallet properly the final step is to wrap the pallet. Wrapping the pallet ensures its got extra protection during transit and from moisture and dirt. When you have a load with different size boxes that isn't uniform on the pallet, it is important you use a higher grade wrap to prevent it from tearing on box edges.


  • Leave gaps: If you leave gaps between boxes, this means there room for them to move during transit. If your boxes slide around in transit, the outer layer protecting your good will be damaged and the items inside the boxes.
  • Incorrectly weighed pallets: Incorrectly declared weights pose a risk to our drivers and others on the road. Overweight vehicles compromise road safety and can lead to accidents. Properly declared weights ensure compliance with government regulations, avoiding fines and legal complications.
  • Overhang boxes: If you want your good to be delivered undamaged, make sure they don't overhang the pallet base. In some cases, if your load isn't fully contained within the pallet base it may be refused by the driver.

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